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FAQs Hardware

  • Yes, once DisplayMapper is running it doesn’t require connectivity. The content is stored locally on your device. You need your player to be connected for mapping, support, license management or any content updates.
  • We recommend the Rikomagic 902 MkII, however any Android device with 5.0 and above, 2 Gb RAM and 16Gb Memory (depending on how much content you wish to use) with a full HD -1080p output will work.
  • Yes you can, we recommend the use of Laser/LED projectors for their long life but any projector with a bright enough output will be sufficient.
  • This will depend on where the content will be playing, but generally for a daylight visible projection in retail you will need around 5000 lumens per sq. metre. For darker environments you may well be able to use lumen levels as low as 200, please contact us for advice. This can be calculated by dividing the projector lumen output by the area to be projected onto.
  • Yes, but once the content has been mapped and downloaded to the player and is playing correctly, this internet connection may be removed. However this will remove the ability to control the projector and to monitor the system.
  • The Rikomagic, like many small format Android PC's is able to use wired or Wi-Fi connections. Additionally the USB ports may be used for 3/4G data modems.
  • You will need to connect the serial port of the projector to one of the USB ports on the Android player, via a USB to serial converter which is readily available in most electronic shops or on Amazon. We recommend the use of the Prolific USB to serial converter.
  • Yes you can use nearly all USB camera models. Our recommended camera would be the Microsoft LifeCam HD3000

FAQs Software

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