Why DisplayMapper

Low Cost. High Impact.
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A solution for all

DisplayMapper was designed to overcome the challenges of permanent projection installations - offering low cost, low maintenance, remotely controllable technology that can scale across multiple locations and does not require operation training.

Low cost installation

DisplayMapper reduces costs from start to finish. How? Let's start with installation. By installing a low-cost Android player next to the projector, significant savings are made on labour, signal distribution, consumables and hardware. No more monitors located in control rooms. No more cumbersome racks. DisplayMapper does for projectors what digital signage did for screens a decade ago.


DisplayMapper can be monitored remotely, allowing users to map content from anywhere in the world using the USB camera. Remote control allows better service, quicker response and considerable savings on technician callouts.

3d digital displays

The ability to create striking displays and 3d video mapped content onto or around any architecture, model, product or surface: it's almost too good to be true. DisplayMapper also allows easy control of LED screens.

Multiple locations. Maximum value

Content creation is never cheap. So once created, why limit its use to a single location> DisplayMapper allows users to apply 3d video mapping content across multiple locations, meaning considerably more bang for the buck.

A match made in heaven

DisplayMapper. Laser projectors. The two complement each other perfectly. With no need for lamp replacements and a decreased need for maintenance visits, DisplayMapper is the perfect support tool for the rapidly evolving laser projector landscape.

Digital signage done better

You might be thinking: why not use a digital signage player? Well how long have you got? Digital signage platforms offer no mapping function (- apart from basic keystoning on the projector), no easy-to-use projector control and no remote camera. And not so many are controllable from a mobile phone.

Join the revolution

Beautifully designed, easy to use, highly cost effective and technologically groundbreaking. Invest in DisplayMapper today.

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